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Langkawi Wildlife Park

First Fully-Covered Interactive Park in Asia

A must-visit for all animal lovers and nature buffs!!

Discover Langkawi Wildlife Park on Langkawi Island, Asia’s first fully-covered wildlife park. Housing over 60 unique wildlife species amidst lush greenery, it’s a haven for animal enthusiasts and nature lovers. The park features interactive sections showcasing introductory animals, an aviary with a stunning 15-meter man-made waterfall, and engaging sessions with various creatures.

Capture vibrant photos of colorful birds like the distinctive macaws and playful pink flamingos striking funny poses. Encounter cuddly mammals including rabbits, guinea pigs, white raccoons, and civets lounging around. Visitors can engage with the animals by purchasing feed for a closer experience. The park hosts feeding shows, activities, and a convenient cafe for midday hunger pangs. Don’t miss the souvenir shop before leaving this remarkable wildlife sanctuary.

Your Reviews

Guests Love Us

The place was rather clean and well-ventilated. There was sort of a dedicated pathway to walk throughout the area. They do have mini petting area for kids and adults alike to get up close to certain animals. The place is more for kids as they would enjoy the interaction with animals.

Jerome Giam

Local Guide

Guys, please please please make this a must visit in the list.

From the outside, it looked normal. I was so surprised to see how well-maintained and so clean the wildlife park was inside. Kudos to all the team for keeping the place so beautiful and I could see the animals were well loved too, they looked lively and welcoming. You guys did a super great job 👏

Hari Hari Makan

Local Guide

Day trip place for parents with children, some of us may have differing ideas about keeping wildlife in enclosures, we can see it from an educational point of view. Cafe is inside the park for a quick bite. Children activities are available, such as animal feeding and close-up with animals we would not normally see in tropical Asia.

Adrian Tan

Local Guide

First of all, it was a very clean wildlife park. The park itself was clean, the animals were clean, and there were fewer smells. The window glasses (wherever applicable) were clean as well, making it easier for you to view the animals. Very suitable for kids. The staff were friendly and polite. There were staffs almost everywhere.
Prices were very affordable for this quality.

Jia Pin Lee

Local Guide

It was a lovely morning. I think we were the first visitor. Spent 3 hours inside. It’s a petting zoo where you can be with rabbits, deer, racoon, birds, etc. My son enjoyed it. My wife and I also enjoyed our tour. Totally worth it.

Nazmi Saadon

Local Guide

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